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Suggestion: Branch layers

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Suggestion: Branch layers

PostFri Jan 10, 2020 1:22 am

Hi there! Loving treeIt but I'm finding the branches to be quite limited. The leaves tab has a layers section where you can add many sets of leaves with different settings and I think branches would benefit from this too (and maybe trunk but eh).

On top of branches having a layer system, I think every branch or leaves layer should have some way of choosing specifically to spawn on selected layers. For example, I have 3 branch layers (lets call them branch1, branch2, branch3) and three leaves layers (leaves1, leaves2, leaves3) and I only want my leaves2 layer spawning on branch2, this should be possible. Speedtree has this ability in the form of a tree* diagram and it's invaluable.

*not a tree model to clarify since we're talking tree software, it's actually a diagram that shows what spawns on what with parent and child nodes. :)

I'd also love a twist parameter for trunks and branches but I think I'll limit my suggestions to what I think is important. :P


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Re: Suggestion: Branch layers

PostMon Jan 20, 2020 2:36 pm

That would be lovely!

And i would totally pay for this software if it was a little more supported :D

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