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What are Albedo.jpg textures and how to use it for leaves?

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What are Albedo.jpg textures and how to use it for leaves?

PostFri Mar 12, 2021 5:50 pm

Hi. Im Liquid_Pages
Im new into making trees with this software (and also really new making games with Unreal Engine 4) and Im having a hard time trying to use properly the textures for the leaves in Treeit.

1st Issue:
I am using Megascans textures for my leafs and Im really confused on how to place them correctly so the leafs have the right opacity.

When I download the files fron Megascans I got 6 different files: albedo.jpg (I suppose this is the main texture for the leafs), also I got Displacement.jpg, Normal.jpg, Opacity.jpg, Roughness.jpg and Translucency.jpg. But when I assign the textures (albedo, normal and roughness) into the respective places the leafs still doesnt have opacity. How do I properly assign opacity to the leafs in Treeit?

2nd Issue:
I dont know how to individually separate and place the leafs into the "Leaf layers" beacuse 6 different types of leaves came into a single jpeg file and when I hit apply the leafs texture messes up and it shows a square texture with the 6 leaves. Ho can I fix this?

Thank you so much for your help!

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