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Advanced Lighting Documentation Project

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Advanced Lighting Documentation Project

PostTue May 19, 2015 4:16 am

Get it, fork it.

AdvLighting is big, complex, sometimes intimidating, a bit of a performance hog, and gives absolutely fantastic looking visuals for DirectX 9.0c

While it does distribute with some excellent demo projects, it is sorely lacking in explanation and documentation.

This project treats AL as a DBpro plugin, providing a keywords.ini file for the IDE for syntax highlighting and function parameter prompts.

It also provides standardized help files, explaining commands, parameters, and giving usage examples. The majority of these files are currently stubs, but hopefully, we can get them filled in before long.


This project is on github. Anyone is welcome to fork it and contribute.

I have the keywords file up to date, and have stub pages for every command prepped and ready to fill in. The index and command list files are fully built, it mainly needs work filling in explanations of the commands, their parameters, and how to use them.

I will be working on this as I can, but if any of you other AL users want to fill in some of the stubs, that'd be cool too.

If you want to install the files for use, grab the /dist/


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Re: Advanced Lighting Documentation Project

PostSun Jun 14, 2015 11:06 am

Very useful idea :idea:

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