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Mapscape 3 - News
Update 24-3-2023
Dynamic lightmapper added, this makes lighting results faster than before with the added ability to add and removed lights without having to recalculate.
Lightmaps are now generated in HDR space saved as rgbe (32bit).
Reflection are now parallax corrected for static csg brushes and objects.
Download previous version:  Mapscape-14-12-2022.zip
Update 14-12-2022
Post processing effects added include HDR, bloom DOF etc..
Object animations can be played by assigning keyframes in the model viewer.
Model viewer now has thumbnails making it easier to pick out 3d objects.
Download previous version: Mapscape-31-8-2022.zip

Update 30-8-2022
Mapscape 3 has had some drastic changes in this update, the ALS has been removed with a lightmapper put in its place for now. everything to do with ALS has been removed such as the matiral edtor/terrain sys etc. The main reasoning behind this is to cut the awful bulky code which is causing havoc with actually developing this program. I think it is now going to be so much easer to have a verey basic lighing system that is still half decent looking but will consume far less code. This ultimately helps reducing compile times to which is now making development easier. The ALS version of mapscape is something that I will want to come back to, but I think it will  have to be re-coded it from scratch to make it a bit less janky. Im also hoping to get this version of mapsce some what compatible with app game kit as this static lighting sys code a should be portabale as it's quite simple.
Adv lighting sys removed and replaced with a lightmapper, the lightmapper is done as a separate program and saves out compressed .dds textures.
Terrain and material editor and anything else to do with the ALS has been cut for now.
Included a bunch of CC media, please read the readme for credits list.
You can still download the ALS version of mapscape here: MapscapeALS.zip