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About Advanced Lighting

Real Time lighting functions for Dark Basic Pro.


  True deferred shading pipeline.
  Hierarchical-Z occlusion culling.
  Directional light with cascade shadow maps.
  Spot lights with texture projection and shadow maps.
  Point lights with cubic lighting and shadow maps.
 Dynamic sky for day/night cycles.
  Volumetric clouds.
  Local reflection capture box/sphere for physically based rendering.
  64bit HDR postfilter pipeline.
  Camera and object motion blur.
  FXAA, Bloom, God rays, SSAO,SSR, depth of field.
Last Update 13/10/2019
AdvancedLighting.zip (57MB)
The new advanced lighting system requires revenant chaos excellent jGfx plugin that can be obtained here.
jGfx - Rendering and Effects Plugin for DBPro
Advanced lighting system texture set tool makes it easier to convert PBR surface textures ready to be used with the advlighting system.
ALS Texture Set.zip (11.2 MB)