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About Advanced Lighting

Real Time lighting functions for Dark Basic Pro.


  True deferred shading pipeline.
  Hierarchical-Z occlusion culling.
  Directional light with cascade shadow maps.
  Spot lights with texture projection and shadow maps.
  Point lights with cubic lighting and shadow maps.
 Dynamic sky for day/night cycles.
  Volumetric clouds.
  Local reflection capture box/sphere for physically based rendering.
  64bit HDR postfilter pipeline.
  Camera and object motion blur.
  FXAA, Bloom, God rays, SSAO,SSR, depth of field.
Last Update 13/8/2021
AdvancedLighting.zip (57MB)
The new advanced lighting system requires revenant chaos excellent jGfx plugin that can be obtained here.
jGfx - Rendering and Effects Plugin for DBPro
Particles are created using this particle editor.
Particle Editor
ALS texture  tool.
ALS Texture Set