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Re: 13/11/2018

PostWed Jan 23, 2019 5:39 pm

Hi Evolved, nice to see that you are still working on Advanced Lighting! Your current system look so up to date, i am very amazed with the results.
I would like to ask, which DBpro version you use to compile your included programs (and maybe if there are any other pluggins required besides jGfx)? Your programs run perfectly, but when i work with the code to add my models for testing, after compiling and running i get a number of bugs and error warnings. Most of them occur when i compile with the GitHub version with the 9ex upgrade, there are less bugs when i compile with an old DBpro version.
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Re: 13/11/2018

PostFri Feb 15, 2019 1:27 pm

An update to the adv lighting has been made, this incorporates batching for pont and spot lights and Im going to start working on batching system for objects which will be more complicated. Shadow maps have also been slightly altered to use a poisson disk filter, but Im still not happy with the current shadow map method. I'm seriously contemplating on going back to EVSM which has better filtering and generally faster, but do produce errors in certain circumstances. I might work on a separate version with EVSM to see if it worth going back to.

Im using dbp 1.0761, I did try the 9EX upgrade but it was seriously unstable when I tried it. all my dbp projects would fail to compile, so I went back to the last stable version. jGfx is the only plugin required.

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