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About Mapscape v2

Mapscape is a simple free to use map creation tool made in Dark Basic. With light mapping and easy geometry manipulation make creating maps quick and easy. You can import your level directly into your Dark Basic/Drak GDK projects. 

  Scale/rotate and shear objects.
  Object/face and vertex selection.
  Multiple object selection.
  Delete selected faces.
  Auto uv mapping.
  Geometry/meshes/entities and prefabs.
  Cut/copy/paste and delete objects.
  Group/ungroup objects as well as visual grouping.
  Mirror and flip objects.
  LightMapping with transparency.
Last Update 13/2/2013
Mapscape 2.zip
Dbo Import sample.
dbo Import.zip
Dbo Import sample with basic culling.
dbo Import(Portal Culling).zip