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Update 20-10-2019
Whats Changed?
Distance field alpha masking has now slightly been changed to use alpha testing target <0.5 or as close to it as I can possibly get it, so redownloading of tree sample will be required that have the newly set alpha mask. New tree samples "cactus" demonstrates the use of new functions of bellow, radius flatten and radius sine.
Update 6-10-2019
Whats Changed?
Distance field alpha masking when saving textures using render to texture.
Side divisions for additional poly reduction.
Double sided rendering for leaf geometry usefull for poly reduction.
Some additional minor changes and improvements.
Update 22-5-2019
Whats Changed?
Wavefront ".obj" import added for meshes.
Update 20-4-2019
Whats Changed?
  Bug fixes.
Update 11-4-2019
Whats Changed?
This is will be the last update for awhile, Im now taking a short brake form Tree It to go back to my main project (mapscape). I shall return to tree It in a couple of months to implement curvature graphs and ambient occlusion. The save format has changed with this update (older .tre saves will no longer work) And I recommend a fresh installation by completely removing the older version first prior to installing. Trunk root system has also been removed to make way for a much better system at a later date.
  Bug fixes.
  New local genration option for optimization.
 Leaves can now be attached to leaf stem.  
Update 7-4-2019
Whats Changed?
  Individual selection of each component
  Splitting of trunk and branches.
 Gravity and seek sun.
  New leaf stem system.
  Cone leaf shape for creation of flower/bushes.
Update 11-3-2019
Whats Changed?
  Load your own objects with the new mesh system.
  Position stepping.
  Textured sky boxes.
  Physically based rendering.
  Disk shadowing  2x2 weighted PCF per tap.
  Parallax mapping.