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Update 22-5-2019
Whats Changed?
Wavefront ".obj" import added for meshes.
Update 20-4-2019
Whats Changed?
  Bug fixes.
Update 11-4-2019
Whats Changed?
This is will be the last update for awhile, Im now taking a short brake form Tree It to go back to my main project (mapscape). I shall return to tree It in a couple of months to implement curvature graphs and ambient occlusion. The save format has changed with this update (older .tre saves will no longer work) And I recommend a fresh installation by completely removing the older version first prior to installing. Trunk root system has also been removed to make way for a much better system at a later date.
  Bug fixes.
  New local genration option for optimization.
 Leaves can now be attached to leaf stem.  
Update 7-4-2019
Whats Changed?
  Individual selection of each component
  Splitting of trunk and branches.
 Gravity and seek sun.
  New leaf stem system.
  Cone leaf shape for creation of flower/bushes.
Update 11-3-2019
Whats Changed?
  Load your own objects with the new mesh system.
  Position stepping.
  Textured sky boxes.
  Physically based rendering.
  Disk shadowing  2x2 weighted PCF per tap.
  Parallax mapping.